You're invited to join the 16-week challenge with Inner Fit and our community starting October 2.

Inner Fit Studios is proud to bring you the 16-Week Online Transformation Challenge. Since 2007, Inner Fit Studios has been helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals through our 16-week program, and this time we are bringing the program to life online so everyone can join! Over the next 16 weeks your coaches will help move you towards your goal, stay motived, feel supported, and reach big and small wins. Over the next 16 weeks you will make friends, have a great time, and be guided along the way! Don't wait too long to join, it starts on October 2nd and early bird ends today!

How Would You Like to Feel in 4 Months?

When it comes to your health, fitness, or weight loss goals, do you struggle with:

  • Motivation to Exercise or Eat Well

  • The Burden of Carrying Extra Weight

  • Not Sure How to Start

  • Struggle to Find Time or Energy

  • Changing Habits that Are Sabotaging Your Success?

  • Believing It Is Possible For You

The Challenge will help you with ...

  • Staying on Track

    With the weekly coaching and guidance, we will help you not only stay on track but feel motivated each week by breaking down the big goals into smaller achievable ones.

  • Building Habits

    The weekly coaching will re-wire old habits that are no longer serving you into healthy habits that will develop a new mindset for you to succeed long-term.

  • Motivation

    The fastest way to create motivation is by taking action. When you have a focus and it feels achievable, the motivation comes and we will help you find your focus.

How the Challenge Works

It's Simple! We begin with your 1-on-1 coaching session to create your 16-week goal that is unique to you. Then we jump on board for our Online Kick Off Event, and from their we come together every week for your online coaching sessions to stay motivated, have fun (super important), feel focused, and inspired to reach your 16-week goal that you set. Once you register, you will have access to your app/dashboard where everything you need will be there for you! In the dashboard you will find:

  • The Kick Off Event Information (October 1st)

  • The Coaching Connect Zoom Links

  • The Nutrition Programs

  • The Online 16 Week Challenge GuideBook

  • + The Daily Journal You Receive in Person!

  • The Online Workout Links + Recordings

  • and so much more ...

Early Bird Ends Today

Includes Tax.

Tania's Story

"I have the confidence I once lacked, and a determination to move forward into a brighter future."

"I came across Innerfit Studios on the internet, reading Rachel’s story (owner) I felt as though I was reading about myself I knew I had to meet her. I started off as a client who was overweight, with low self-esteem issues and was generally unhappy. I struggled for direction and motivation. Rachel saw something more and knew how to get the best out of me. Her support combined with hard work and lots of laughter on the way have changed my life. I have more confidence I am happier and I have reached a personal goal of becoming a fitness instructor teaching at Innerfit. I will never forget the struggle with my weight or the inner issues behind it hidden in the shadows. But now I have my support system behind me, a new confidence I once lacked, and a determination to move forward into a brighter future."

Video Walkthrough of the Challenge

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The 16 Week Transformation Challenge Starts Soon!

October 2nd, 2023 to January 22nd, 2024

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Happy to Answer Your Questions!

Got a question? Rachel is more than happy to help answer any questions about the challenge. You can reach her via email at [email protected]

Your 30 Minute Individual Coaching Session

As part of the 16-week Transformation Challenge with Rachel Seay, we're excited to offer each participant a complimentary one-on-one coaching session. This exclusive opportunity is designed to supercharge your journey towards achieving your health and fitness goals. This one-on-one coaching session is your chance to have Rachel's expertise and personalized guidance on your side. It's a key step on your path to a healthier, happier you. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to kickstart your transformation!

  • Personalized Guidance: Rachel will tailor the session to your unique goals and needs, ensuring that your transformation plan is as individual as you are.

  • Your 16 Week Goal: Together, you'll establish clear, achievable goals for your 16-week challenge and beyond.

  • Actionable Strategies: Rachel will provide you with actionable steps and expert advice to help you make real progress.

  • Identifying Sabotaging Habits: Rachel will employ Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help you uncover and understand any habits that might be hindering your success.

  • Book Your Session: Once you register, you will find a link to set up your coaching session with Rachel.

Shannon & Terry

In our last challenge, Shannon and Terry not only smashed their goals but also supported each other on the journey. Terry loves to adventure and hike outside and losing weight makes those activities much more enjoyable. We are so proud of these two and it's amazing to see what they have accomplished in their time with us. They work hard, they are motivated by their goals, and they are always there encouraging and helping anyone new!

Sandra's Story

She has lost over 80lbs!

"I’ve been a member of Inner Fit since 2011 and I can definitely say you will not find another fitness studio like this anywhere. All the coaches have been amazing and the community is so supportive and friendly. The online program has been a savior for me during the closures both mentally and physically, plus it has helped me to drop over 80+ pounds since January 2021. I’m so grateful that I found Rachel, her studio, and her community as it has changed my life and love for fitness."

Hi! I'm Rachel, Your Coach and Guide

Nominated 2022 Impact Trainer of the Year

As someone who has lost over 120lbs, I know challenges work. You will have someone by your side as your guide who not only has 25 years of experience coaching you to your goals but also understands weight loss personally. My education is from the University of British Columbia, the NSCA, Alive, and the BCRPA. My fields of study are kinesiology, holistic nutrition, weight loss coaching, and NLP (neural linguistics programming). Since 2004 I have been educating fitness professionals with the BCRPA and CFES. Education aside, you have a coach who is passionate about helping her clients. Together, we will succeed in your goals.

Early Bird Ends Today

Includes Tax.

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First Time Hearing About Us?

Hello and Welcome! If you are here and your goal is to feel better and create your own transformation, and you are looking for a supportive and fun community, we invite you to join the challenge with us. This challenge is for anyone who is ready for a change and is looking for support. Rachel, the creator of the challenge, and founder of Inner Fit loves to meet new people and invite them into her community, even if you live far away. The beauty of online today is it doesn't matter where you live, you can be part of this amazing community. Here is a little bit about our story ...

  • We have been in business in Richmond, BC. Canada since 2007 helping people discover a love for fitness and their confidence.

  • The 16 Week Weight Loss Program started back in 2007 and we have had over a decade of success stories.

  • You can find us online at www.innerfitstudios.com and we are located at 3511 Viking Way, Rmd. BC, Canada.

  • Rachel has been a certified fitness professional since 1999. Her education includes Kinesiology, Registered Holistic Nutrition, Group Fitness Certified, and Educator for the BCRPA and CFES. She has over 50,000 hours of coaching experience.

  • You will have a coach who cares about you, your success, and help you move forward through any struggles you are experiencing. Not to mention a super fun and supportive community!