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Last Day to Join is May 6th

We know that sometimes we forget about it or decide to hop on last minute, and that is totally okay! The last day to sign up and get started in Monday, May6th. Simply sign up below, and you will receive all the details how to get going.

Join the 75 Day Challenge

The 75 Day Challenge is about helping create consistency in your fitness and nutrition. The goal is to complete 75 days working on a specific daily habit that you choose. Here is how to get started:

  • 1. Register: Sign up to start your challenge journey and check your email for next steps.

  • 2.Choose Your 75 Day Daily Habit that you are committing to for the challenge.

  • 3. Save the Date: Kick off Session on Tuesday, April 30th 730pm via Zoom

  • 4: Begin the Challenge Wed, May 1st, and check your Goose Chase App for the week's tasks.

  • 5. Finish Strong: Complete your journey by Monday, July 15th

  • We will help you stay focused so there is no "falling off the bandwagon" with our fun fitness accountability game during the challenge called Goose Chase

  • Attend your weekly weight loss coaching sessions to super charge your results!

Catch the Early Bird Before It Flies Away!

Includes taxes

Registration Includes

Inner Fit has always made our challenges about giving back. Not only do you get a lot of amazing content and features, but we make a donation to local charities, and the rest is used to help Inner Fit recover from the pandemic and keep our doors open for you!

  • $25 of every registration goes to the Cash Prize Draw for 2 Luck Winners

  • Weekly Online Nutrition Focused Coaching with Rachel who has 25 years experience. Value (12 Weeks at $50 = $600)

  • Goose Chase Accountability Software Game: All software comes at a cost, and your registration includes the cost of the Game.

  • Resources, Support, and Accountability unlike any other challenge! with 17 years of challenge experience, we know the value our challenges bring.

  • Lots of fun prizes to be won at the end of the challenge! Including the Summer Patio Prize Pack!

  • Online Beginner Weight Lifting Program (Value $175) A ten day program that splits up the muscle groups so you can learn to lift from home!

75 Days From Now You Will Be Thankful You Took a Chance on Yourself

For 17 years, Inner Fit has led the way in fitness and weight loss challenges, helping thousands to lose weight, transform their fitness, and feel proud of themselves and see what they were capable of all along. 

This challenge is for everyone—not just Inner Fit members. If you're seeking motivation, a supportive community, or just a fun way to work towards your goals, join us.

We're 1000% confident that completing this 75 day challenge will have you stepping into summer feeling confident, fit, and proud. Share the journey—invite your family and friends to join too!

+ Cash Prizes to Win! Win Big with Our Summer Prep Challenge!

How to Win: COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE! The focus is to be consistent for 75 days. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into the draw. The first 2 winners split the prize pot. 

Aaron's Goal Story

A Sense of Pride & 22 Lbs Lost with the 75 Day Challenge

"I set out to make some big some changes in 2024, so I turned to Rachel and the coaches at Innerfit to help me with my fitness goals. A whole year can be a daunting to plan so Rachel suggested splitting my year into quarters and join Innerfit’s January Challenge. "With Rachel’s weekly guidance, nutrition advice and the variety of classes offered at the studio, I was able exceed my 1st quarter goal of a 10% reduction in body weight. I’m down a total of 22 pounds in 75 days! Super happy and primed for quarter 2 and the 12-week challenge."

Countdown to the Start of the Challenge

Starts May 1stDon'

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Help with Your Goals

  • Weekly Online Coaching with a Focus on Allostasis

    For the past 4 years, many of us have been in a state of fight, flight, or freeze. This has led to struggles in motivation to eat healthy and exercise. It's time to learn how to heal this piece of you and release you from feeling stuck.

  • Nutrition Guidance and Support

    We know nutrition is confusing. What to eat, when to eat, how to eat. Don't worry, we have you covered. We don't do diet programs, we teach you how to create sustainable healthy eating habits that you can keep with you for a lifetime.

  • Online Pre-Recorded Strength Workouts

    Each week, Rachel will release a progression strength series of short 30 minute workouts so you can fit your fitness in for those who don't live near the studio or wanting extra home workouts. You will need dumbbells, a mat, and step bench is optional but helpful.

A Message from Rachel, Owner of Inner Fit Studios

Since the pandemic's end, I have seen a rise in people's struggle with motivation to put the energy into their health. After an eye opening coaching session, I saw how tired people are and my goal is to help people recovery and feel better from the inside out. Life has felt so complicated lately, and that is why I decided to change things up for the next 12 weeks, or our second quarter of 2024. I want people to know it is okay to spend this challenge focused on feeling better from the inside out. The challenge will provide a period of time to focus on your own health, and the goose chase game will make it fun - because us adults need some fun!

Ed's Goal Story

A Sense of Confidence & 15 Lbs Lost!

"Throughout the Challenge, Rachel's dedication to my progress never wavered. She provided invaluable guidance on nutrition, tailored workouts to suit my abilities, and offered unwavering support every step of the way. Her commitment to my success was instrumental in helping me overcome my struggles with commitment and cultivate lasting, healthy habits that extend far beyond the gym. The challenge helped me lose 15lbs and gain unimaginable confidence with my health and renewed focus on life itself."

At Inner Fit, We Call It "Pulling an Ash"

Because He Crushed his 75 Hard! And he is joining us again!

"After a few years away, I returned to Inner Fit last year just on time for the 75 Hard challenge. And it was the best thing I ever did. Rachel helped me form life-changing habits to the point where I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been in.” Ash Cosgriff, Richmond, BC. Canada.

GOOSE Chase Game

Accountability Made Fun

Goose Chase is an app that turns staying on track into a fun adventure! A fun-filled accountability scavenger hunt where you earn points for working out, eating healthy, and walking - which all help you get closer to your weight loss goal. Each week more challenges are released that anyone can complete. It's simple to use, featuring a LIVE Member Feed and Check out Your Score with the the Leaderboard. Score points to win prizes and support your favourite charity. Complete the challenge, and you are entered to win the other half of the cash prize!

Steph's Story

Lost 8 lbs & A New Healthy Routine with the 75 Day Challenge

"I recently joined Inner Fit's Challenge on January 3rd not really knowing what would come out of it, but I'm someone who loves trying new things and challenging myself. I loved how this Challenge focused on daily routines, fitness and nutrition - all small changes that when done together turn into a complete overhaul of mindset and behaviours and how I look at food. While I had no idea what changes I would instill at the beginning of the challenge, I quickly fell into a routine of exercising 30 minutes every day, going for daily walks outside with my partner (so good for our relationship and soul) and most importantly adjusted my nutrition and mindset around a complete meal that didn't rely on carbs. I no longer have cravings or energy crashes and have been having so much fun thinking of protein//vegetable focused meals. I am someone who loves bread, rice and potatoes but with the challenge and coming up with more creative substitutes, I no longer crave carbs the way I did before. I would have never made such changes to my nutrition and fitness without this challenge. The Challenge has now continued to simply be my routine. I am down 8 pounds and feel stronger, healthier and more focused than ever. A HUGE and heartfelt THANK YOU to Rachel, the Inner Fit community and my partner for the support, encouragement and journey to health and wellness together."

Richard's Story

Lost 25 lbs & A Changed Outlook with the 75 Day Challenge

"Richard's testimonial - A change in behaviour is the manifestation of a change in mindset. Sometimes these changes come internally, but usually we need an external motivator - something to push us, to hold us accountable, and to provide a community to support the hard work that we know, deep down, is needed. An InnerFit Challenge provides all of these in the best way possible. I have recently completed the 75 Day Challenge and noticed significant changes to my physical appearance, self-perception, mental health, and outlook on food. I dropped 25 pounds but more importantly have changed my outlook. It's been life changing and I feel deep gratitude to the InnerFit community, the other challenge participants, and Rachel for providing this opportunity. I would wholeheartedly recommend a challenge to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, feel healthier, reevaluate their relationship with food, become more intentional with their lifestyle, and maybe drop a few pounds in the process."

Catch the Early Bird Before It Flies Away!

Includes taxes

Catch the Early Bird Before It Flies Away!

Includes taxes


  • Who can join the challenge?

    If you are reading this, you can join us. Inner Fit wants to help you feel amazing this summer whether you are a member of Inner Fit, friend or family of an Inner Fit member, follow us on social, or just found us. Everyone welcome!

  • Questions about the challenge?

    Feel free to send us an email via hello @ (no gaps - just preventing spam) or visit our contact us form at

  • What is Inner Fit?

    Inner Fit Studios is a locally owned small business in Richmond, established in 2007. We provide group fitness classes and community health programs. You can learn more about us at

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