Simply Feel & Look Your Best in 2024

A 75 day challenge is the transformation you have been waiting for! Accountability, support, community, and weekly coaching will set you up for success so you look in the mirror with confidence and a new sense of pride this year.

  • Weekly Online Group Coaching for Accountability

  • Education & Support to Learn How to Lose the Weight

  • Easy to Use App & Daily Journal for Tracking

  • Proven formula for Success to Build Habits

  • Do this for you! Create a healthy future and path for yourself

Registration Closes January 16th

Challenge Runs until March 31st

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At Inner Fit, We Call It "Pulling an Ash"

Because He Crushed his 75 Hard! And he is joining us again!

"After a few years away, I returned to Inner Fit last year just on time for the 75 Hard challenge. And it was the best thing I ever did. Rachel helped me form life-changing habits to the point where I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been in.” Ash Cosgriff, Richmond, BC. Canada.

How the Inner Fit 75 Challenge Works:

  • 1. Register for the Challenge and then download the App for your Challenge (you will receive a welcome email with the information).

  • 2. Choose the Hard, Soft, or Starter Challenge

  • 3. Pick Up Your 75 Day Fitness Journal Challenge

  • 4. Choose Your Start Date

  • 5. Attend your first online coaching session and see how coaching can help you stay focused.

Your 75 Day Journal

Hard, Soft, Starter Challenge Journals

A 5.5 X 8.5 Journal. Simple to use check list system for success on the 75 day challenge. Jounrals will be announced when ready for pick up at the studio. Out of Town: We can mail out the jounrals for an additional shipping fee. Please contact Rachel if you need it mailed.

Online Weekly Coaching Included Starts Wed Jan 3rd

Every Wed at 745pm (PST) via Zoom

What is coaching? Coaching is accountability to your goal in a nut shell. One of the biggest struggles with challenges, weight loss goals, and taking care of our fitness is "falling off the wagon" feeling. When life gets challenging, our fitness takes the biggest hit. With weekly coaching through the challenge, you will get to reconnect with your community, and stay focused. Rachel is donating her coaching skills and time once a week for those dedicated to their goals and this is part of the 75 challenge.

Fundraiser Series

Rebuilding Community Together

Inner Fit, like many other service-based small businesses suffered great financial losses due to the six closures during the pandemic. Since then, many small local businesses have been on the brink of closure (or have closed), including Inner Fit. We believe local small business is important to the community. Rachel has decided to not give up, and instead do what she does best - bring together community, reboot your fitness mojo, and fundraise for a great cause. Over the next year, she will be creating a series of fun fitness fundraisers to recover the financial loss due to covid. Rachel officially invites you to join the Inner Fit 75 Fitness Challenge, and don't worry, she has 3 versions of the challenge to choose from! Inner Fit has been in business in Richmond, BC, since 2007 and is owned and operated by Certified Strength Coach, BCRPA Leader and Educator, Rachel Seay.


Registration with the option to contribute. Your donation goes towards Inner Fit's rebuild post covid ❤️

75 Starter Daily Rules

This challenge is perfect for anyone who needs a little focus to kick off the new year with. After the starter, you can progress to the soft to step up your challenge.

  • One 30 minute workout

  • Eat healthy, limit alchol and cheats

  • Drink Water 1 Litre of water each day

  • Read 5 pages of a non-fiction book (audiobook okay)

  • Take a progress photo

75 Soft Daily Rules

This challenge is perfect for those who exercise on a regular basis and are looking to create more consistency.

  • One 45 minute workout

  • Eat healthy, limiting alcohol and cheats

  • Drink 2 litre (1/2 gallon)

  • Read 10 pages or a Non-Fiction Book (audio books okay)

  • Take a progress photo

75 Hard Daily Rules

This challenge is for people who are ready to take things to the next level. We don't recommend this one unless you are willing to take on this challenge whole heartidly.

  • Two 45 min workouts (one workout should be outdoors if possible)

  • Follow a nutrition program of your choice, no cheats, no alcohol

  • Drink 4 Litres or 1 Gallon of Water

  • Read 10 Pages of Non-Fiction (audiobook okay)

  • Take a progress photo

Challenges Move You Forward

Why a 75 Challenge?

As a coach for the past 25 years, I have seen the wonders a challenge does for not only a person's physical fitness, but also their confidence, and mental well-being. I lost over 100 lbs doing two rounds of a 365 challenge, but I know for so many people, a 365 is daunting and overwhelming. What I personally love about the 75 challenge is the simple tasks to check off. Whether you begin with the starter, soft, or hard version, they all follow similar rules that keep you focused. And when you know it's only 75 days, it is doable. I am looking forward to joining this 75 myself and it would mean the world to me to have you join us too! Let's make this challenge something to talk about!


Registration with the option to contribute. Your donation goes towards Inner Fit's rebuild post covid❤️

Set a Personal Fitness Goal

What is your fitness goal this year? What would you love to accomplish? Use the 75 Challenge to focus on a goal

When it comes to our fitness, it feels so good to accomplish challenging feats. Not only does it build confidence, but it moves our fitness forward. While undergoing the 75 day challenge, what is something you would love to focus on? Here are a few examples - master the perfect push up for X number of reps, run a 5km event, hike a mountain, lift X of pounds on an exercise, give up a bad habit, run a half marathon, push ups on Kettle bells, master a KB complex, walk 10,000 steps a day, do an adventure race, snowshoe a certain number of KM's, train for something new, walk 10 kms, reach a goal weight, get into an outfit. The sky is the limit! What fires you up?

Join a Fun Community and Do the Challenge with Us!

Something really special about Inner Fit is the success stories we have seen over the years. Our challenge always help people find their motivation and experience success. When you are part of a community doing it together, it is easier to stay focused and motivated. Everyone is welcome to take part in our 75 challenge.

The Inner Fit 75 Fundraiser

Part of a Series of Fundraisers to Bring Community Together and Rebuild Inner Fit

Inner Fit, like many other service-based small businesses suffered great financial losses due to the closures during the pandemic. 

As a fitness studio, Inner Fit experienced 6 business closures in order to comply with provincial regulations. Each closure, along with the pandemic, created a severe financial loss for the business (Inner Fit did not receive any rent relief).

Since then, many small local businesses have been on the brink of closure, including Inner Fit. Rachel has been transparent about her experience throughout this journey and has been doing everything she can physically, financially, and emotionally to save the fitness community we all love, but has taken a toll on her.

The pandemic cost Inner Fit a loss well over $150,000 in the three years, and now she has to repay CEBA ($40,000) or be forced to close. Even with increases in rates, it doesn’t take much when expenses and rents have increased significantly. While many people stayed and supported the studio, we lost half our memberships from 2020-2022, meaning half our revenue while experiencing greater expenses. 

The good news is everyone has been returning, but it's a long road back and one Rachel has to decide if it is worth continuing and that is why she is turning to the community for help but in a fun way!

While this can all sound bleak, Rachel has decided to not give up, and instead, (in true Rachel style) do what she does best - bring together community, fitness, and fundraising. 

Over the next year, she will be creating a series of fundraisers that benefit the community to help raise funds for CEBA, help with long overdue maintenance needed in the studio - hello lights and fans lol, and the purchasing of new fitness equipment for your training needs. Her goal is to combine her love for group fitness and fundraising together to see the studio thrive again and find financial stability so the pandemic is only a memory.

By participating in the Inner Fit 75 challenge, you not only have an opportunity to focus on your own personal fitness, but we get to do it together for a great cause - saving our beloved community. And everyone is invited to join. Rachel has always opened her doors and challenges to everyone who wants to be healthy. No matter where you live, you can join in!

How can you help even more? Share the challenge and invite your friends, co-workers, and family near and far to join! 

Rachel is also committed to paying it forward and helping other small businesses and local charities. Once her goal is reached and the business is stable, she will continue her charity work for the community. There is power when a community comes together for a greater cause, and at Inner Fit we know this because the community has raised over $200,000 for local charities including Easter Seals, Conquer Cancer, Burn Fund, Children's Hospital, RAPS, SPCA, and more since 2007. This time we are coming together to raise funds for our own community so one day we can get back to doing what we love!

Let's have an amazing 75 days of fitness together, and show the power of local small business communities. 

On behalf of the Inner Fit Community, we welcome you to the challenge and say a big thank you for helping keep this local business going!

Set Yourself Up for a Successful Challenge!



  • Do I need to be an Inner Fit Member to Participate?

    The quick answer is no. Inner Fit invites everyone to join the challenge with us! If you have a fitness goal or need a little mojo boost, walk this path with us!

  • What if I don't live close to the studio to pick up my journal?

    Depending on your location, we can have it mailed to you (only if you are outside of the lower mainland). But there is a $18.00 shipping feel. Please contact Rachel via email (hello @ )

  • Why is there not one official start date?

    This round, we wanted to give our community flexibiliy so they feel ready to start and are excited to begin.

When Should I Start the Challenge?

There is really no magic date to start the challenge. With the holidays coming, some may think to wait, but that doesn't have to be the case. Being on a challenge through the holidays will not only help you be mindful of the holiday season, but it will most certainly stop the holiday weight gain that so many experience. Take a look at your calendar, and decide what date works best for you. There is no right or wrong answer, BUT we do encourage you to join the private community and share your start day for simple accountability! **If you know your date, make sure you have given us a weeks notice to get your copy of the journal ready**

Accountability & Support

As always, Inner Fit will offer a variety of ways to feel supported by engaging with our community, and having access to your dashboard with helpful tools, meal plans, resources and more! We will provide a few educational series to get your started and help you along the way. Rachel also provides one-on-one online coaching for an additional fee for those who would like to set yourself up for success too!

Why Not One Start Date?

This year, we are doing things a little differently. Taking on a 75 Challenge means feeling ready to take the leap and the holidays can be challenging. So this year, we have decided to give you the freedom of your own start date. Some people know this will help them get through the holidays without gaining weight, and others may feel too overwhelmed to start until the holidays are over. Regardless of the start date, we will all be there to support you!


Registration with the option to contribute. Your donation goes towards Inner Fit's comeback story ❤️ and will contribute to our Fundraiser Series to help rebuild after the aftermath of covid.